Our Mission

Everyone, Every Way,

Sharing Christ Everywhere!


Our Values  


To be true to God’s inerrant and inspired Word of God, being good stewards of all that He has given us.


Our Vision


1.    To be a welcoming congregation to our visitors, so they feel welcomed in God’s House.

2.    To increase the number of families with children within our congregation.

3.    To reach out to the community in various ways so that the community knows who and what we are.

4.    To keep our facilities including our Sanctuary in a professional manner to present to everyone   a welcoming and caring facility.

5.    To give to our members opportunities to grow in faith, through worship and Bible studies.

6.    Be excited, and positive about our church to all we talk too, which gives to us an inviting excitement about Emanuel.


Whenever we do anything as a congregation or as individual disciples all our decisions should have our Mission Statement, our Values, and Vision in mind, directing our lives together in Christ.  This is a way we move forward and stay focused in our vision to further God’s Kingdom.